1)    Breaks: Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to be able to provide you with restroom breaks or food breaks. Let’s all help each other out and please make friends with your neighbors.

2)    Boutiques & Clothing: We ask that you either create or bring your own dressing room.  Our restrooms cannot be held up by customers trying on clothes and you will be asked to not let your customers try on items in our restrooms. No jewelry in your booth space. It hurts our handmade vendors. In place of jewelry we recommend shoes and purses. If we see that you’re offering jewelry in your space, we will ask you to remove it.

3)    Design/Décor: For our Christmas event, we ask that you style with the theme “Antique Christmas” Please be creative with your signage, with your merchandising, and do not just place a table and your business sign out.

4)    Floor Options: If you are located inside of a stall, many vendors use temporary flooring to cover up the mulch. They have used carpet, wood, kids squishy flooring, and rugs.

5)    Food Vendors: You must have a food/beverage permit for Kentucky. Please contact Cameron Carver at the Food Department 270-261-1577

6)    Furniture Pickup: If you have customers picking up larger items, just have them explain to our parking attendants that they are picking up and they can park closer to the building.

7)     Handouts: If you have barn sale rack cards, promo cards, etc. please only have them sit on your checkout area. Please do not physically hand them out to customers or put on cars.

8)     Inventory: Please have items to sell throughout the entire weekend – just taking preorders is not acceptable. We have on average 3,500-5,000 customers come through the entire weekend.

9)  Lighting: We recommend bringing more lighting like café lights inside your area. (Please use 450 watts max in your space)

10) . Load in/ Load out: Please be courteous and unload all inventory as quickly as possible. At the end of the event, DO NOT PULL AROUND TO THE DOORS, unless you are packed up and ready to load. Please clean up your space, throw all trash away, and do not begin to pack up your items until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Every vendor is required to stay until the very end of each day. If you cannot be there, please allow for someone else to cover your area. We ask that everyone be loaded and out promptly.

Please bring your own ladders, electrical cords, scissors, tape, etc.

11) Parking: Vendors will have a designated parking area. Please be respectful of this.

12)  Photos: We have hired a photographer and videographer for marketing purposes. All photos and video we take are property of Highland Stables/GypsyMoon Marketplace. They can and will be used on social media and other marketing items in the future. You are welcome to use them but please give us and the photographer credit.

13) Placement: You will be given a number when you check into the event; this number will tell you where your booth space is located.

Note: We try to be fair when we assign booth space, please respect this and realize that we want everyone to be successful! There are two barn areas and we create maps, signs, etc. to ensure shoppers are aware of where the vendors are.

14)  Positive Attitude: We ask that everyone have a positive attitude vendors throughout the entire event. We are all doing our very best and having a positive attitude will make the weekend even more fantastic than it will already be.

In the words of Abe Lincoln, “ We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

15)  Sales: Until shopping hours – please do not sell your items unless it’s to a vendor and they show the wristband given to them.

16)  Set-Up: Absolutely no staples, nails, screws, or anything that punctures a hole into the stall. We have found that Gorilla Hook – Picture Hangers work best for the stall areas to hang items as well as zip ties or wreath hangers.

17)  Supplies: You must provide your own electrical extension cords. Please do not overload the circuits. (Please use 450 watts max in your space)

18)  Trash: Please remember to throw all trash away when cleaning out your space (including zip ties). Due to limited space in our dumpster, please take all boxes home with you.

19)  Vendor Wrist Bands:  Every booth space will receive only (2) Vendor Wristbands. You must wear this in order to get in GypsyMoon without payment. If you need additional vendor wristbands, they are $10.

 Please do not have anyone tell the workers at the gate they are with you; the person must have a wristband ON or they will be asked to pay

20)  Weather and Allergies: With our market being held in a stables dust is a factor. Being located inside of an old horse stable, it can tend to get dusty. If you have allergies, we suggest you take extra precautions. Some vendors have added floors (carpet, wood, and rugs) inside of their stall areas and it has helped. Please dress according to the weather and bring layers. We will try our very best to keep you comfortable but please help us by dressing accordingly.

Note: We cannot allow portable heaters in your spaces, due to our fire code.

21)  WiFi: We have had issues in the past with our WiFi so please have an alternative form of WiFi to take card payments. Plan to not have WiFi. We are on a farm in the middle of the county and we have the best WiFi that our county can offer us –which is not good – so be sure to have a good back up plan. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.
Wi-Fi Options:
Square does offer the option to stay offline but still make payments. When you get to a trusted and faster WiFi area, it will run those payments.
2. Purchase your own hotspot, WiFi, or MiFi. (That is what we use in our booth)


Please Fill This Form Out:

Name *

If accepted for participation into GypsyMoon Marketplace I agree and understand that...

- Participants are expected and agree to follow, promote and share GypsyMoon Marketplace social media entries relating to GypsyMoon Marketplace including but not limited to event invitations, vendor intros/bio, event graphics and promos.

- All spaces must be stocked, staffed and prepared for shoppers no later than 30 minutes prior to event starting, further, all spaces must be staffed and available for shopping guests during the entire event. Failure to abide may result in forfeiture of space, submitted fees, and rights of participation, as well as denial of future participation in GypsyMoon Marketplace events.

- Each registered participant will receive two (2) admission armbands. Everyone passing through the entry gate will be required to purchase/show an event ticket or armband – NO EXCEPTIONS!

- Participants utilizing electrical access are responsible for providing heavy-duty outdoor extension cord with a minimum recommended length of 100’ and a maximum voltage of 125v. Cord must be UL listed & meet OSHA standards. All cords must be placed in a manner to avoid trip hazard. No electrical access requests will be entertained once load-in begins.

- The collection and payment of any and all sales tax is the sole responsibility of registered participant. Highland Stables/ GypsyMoon Marketplace assumes no responsibility regarding the collection, reporting and/or remittance of sales tax for sales by vendors.

- Breakdown and/or strike of booth space may not begin prior to 4:00pm, Saturday. Failure to abide may result in participant being denied participation in future GypsyMoon Marketplace events.

- Participants are responsible for the actions, conduct and appearance of your employees, booth personnel and/or guests. Please ensure that their actions, conduct and appearance reflect favorably on GypsyMoon Marketplace as well as ownership & management personnel of Highland Stables. Highland Stables/ GypsyMoon Marketplace is not responsible for any cause of injury for children or adults. If you bring your children to GypsyMoon, please keep watch of them at all times. - GypsyMoon Marketplace Events are family-friendly events, and it is my responsibility to ensure that all items and persons associated with my space and products are family-friendly, as well. Further, I understand that I may be asked to remove any item or person not adhering to this standard.

- We, Highland Stables, place a strong emphasis on offering our shoppers a visually appealing & enjoyable event, placing a strong emphasis on unique and creative booth construction, design, and product presentation. We have been blessed to establish a strong reputation for our variety of unique & desirable creations, handcrafted items, original art, repurposed pieces, along with vintage and antique oddities.

- Acceptance and placement into Gypsy Moon Marketplace events is at the sole discretion of Highland Stables. Registration is not considered complete until payment in full is received.

- Accepted applicants will be assigned a space(s) in the appropriate area, at time of registration. Please do keep in mind...exact & final placement decisions are made at the sole discretion of Highland Stables. Special requests may be submitted at time of application however, that such requests may or may not be honored.

I have read and fully understand all the details as set forth and agree to abide by all exhibit rules and regulations, which may or may not be a part of this contract. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Highland Stables, their personnel, all organizations and persons sponsoring, managing or in any other way participating in Gypsy Moon Marketplace presented by Highland Stables Venue, from any loss, claim, penalty or lawsuit in any way arising from my operation or involvement in Highland Stables Gypsy Moon Marketplace. I accept complete responsibility for all items of product, booth construction/assembly, and associated parts, pieces, etc. I understand that I am responsible for my employees/booth personnel and will ensure that their actions and appearance reflect favorably on Highland Stables and Gypsy Moon Marketplace.